I am happy to work with you to design a one-of-a-kind guitar adding special touches in the details of the instrument.  This includes but is not limited to special inlay work or heel carvings, neck profiles, scale lengths, or bindings and trim.  My specialty has long been hand cut, hand inlaid, hand engraved pearl and abalone inlays. If I can draw it, I can cut and inlay it for you and there are almost no limits.  The engraving adds dimension and detail to the inlays and is quite unique to my work.


Keep in mind that the bling does not add to the tone or power and presence of the finished instrument, only the visual appeal and cost.  It is not something I even often recommend  as I am a strong proponent of function over fancy and prefer to keep the instrument relatively simple, understated, and a player’s dream in performance.  My focus is on SOUND first and foremost.  Next is playability.  I believe my guitars are musical instruments rather than works of art; function over form.


If you have something special in mind, contact me and we will work out the design concepts. I do enjoy this kind of work and after 50 years of practice, have almost mastered it!